Harvard University Academic Scholars Program

Harvard University Academic Scholars Program

Harvard University Academic Scholars Program is an scholarship program to encourage Ph.D. candidates to become more dedicated in their research. Harvard University has many scholarship program and this scholarship program is solely for Ph.D candidates. However, students who have not started PhD program yet but eligible for PhD program can apply too. But in this case student must be committed to compete the Ph.D. program.

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Harvard University Academy is offering you an Academy Scholars Program. The Candidates must have eligible to recent Ph.D.(or comparable professional school degree) recipients and doctoral candidates in the social sciences or law. Those still pursuing a PPh.D.should have completed their routine training and be well along in the writing of their theses before applying to become Academy Scholars. Postdoctoral Academy Scholars will receive an annual stipend of $67,000. If selected before earning the Ph.D., the Scholars will receive an annual stipend of $31,000 until awarded the Ph.D.

Scholarship Provider

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This scholarship is provided by Harvard Scholars Academy.

Amount of Scholarship

The recipient of this scholarship gets $61,000.

Eligibility: Ph.D. should have completed

How to Apply

All application materials need to be submitted by the deadline of October 1. We do not accept late applications.

The completed application will include:

  1. Cover letter which succinctly states the applicant’s academic field, country or region of specialization, and proposed research topic
  2. Curriculum vitae (CV) or resumé; including list of publications
  3. Research proposal (2500 word maximum); including intellectual objectives and planned methodological and disciplinary work
  4. A copy of your PhD program transcript
  5. Three letters of recommendation (uploaded through the online application)

Letters should be addressed to the “Selection Committee.”
Letters of recommendation need to be uploaded by the deadline of October 1.

All parts of the application, including the three letters of recommendation, are submitted online as pdf documents. The online application is accessed through the homepage of The Harvard Academy’s website. To access the application, click on the APPLY ONLINE button.

Questions should be emailed to:

You may include footnotes, endnotes, and/or bibliographies in your proposed research statement, but they are not required. If you do give references, they will not count towards the 2500-word maximum for the research statement.

We require no copies of published papers or abstracts as part of our application process. Do not include them in your application.

Regarding transcripts from foreign universities: our reviewers read many applications from those at foreign universities and request as much transcript-like official documentation as the Registrar at your university can provide, for all graduate work—both for the Master’s and PhD programs in which you have been or are currently enrolled. Your institution most likely gets these requests often and can provide the required paperwork to you upon request.

 Official Page of this Scholarship is  – Official Page


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