Harvard University Exchange Scholarship

Harvard University Exchange Scholarship

Harvard University exchange scholarship is an excellent scholarship with the opportunity to gaining diverse knowledge. It is called exchange scholarship because candidate must agree to go and live in China to conduct research. In this one year time period the candidate will be considered as an exchange student in China. This is why this scholarship of Harvard University is known as exchange scholarship.

Both undergraduate and graduate student can apply for this scholarship. As long as the students don’t have any issue against what this scholarship requires, any student of Harvard University can apply for this scholarship.

Scholarship Provider

This scholarship is provided by Harvard University

Amount of Scholarship

The amount of this scholarship varies. This scholarship benefits are divided into two categories. They are –

  1. Partial Scholarship Benefits
  2. Full Scholarship Benefits,

Partial Scholarship Benefits – It includes tuition fee only

Full Scholarship Benefits – It includes

  1. Full tuition fee
  2. Living allowance
  3. Health insurance
  4. Travel allowance and
  5. Full research funding.

These are the benefits of Harvard University exchange scholarship program.


Any student of Harvard University is eligible to apply for this scholarship. There is no restriction. However, applicant must agree to travel and study in China for one year as an exchange student.

Apply Now

To apply for this scholarship, please visit the official page of the scholarship. The link of the official page of the scholarship is – Scholarship Page

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