Hollard Ghana  Commercial Asset Insurance

Hollard Ghana  Commercial Asset Insurance

Protect the continuity of your business with products such as goods in transit, business interruption and bonds insurance.

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Business Interruption Insurance

Cover the loss of business income after an unexpected event

Natural events such as floods, lightening or even fire can happen unexpectedly and negatively impact on your business operations. Your factory may have to be shut down after a blaze or some of your equipment may be faulty after being struck by lightening.

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Our business interruption insurance will pay your business for income lost should your operations be interrupted by the events listed in our fire damage policy. These could be fire, lightning and allied perils such as floods, impacts, explosions, earthquakes, windstorms, riots, strikes and civil commotion.

Get financially covered against this loss of income so that if something unexpected happens, your business won’t suffer cash flow issues and you can be up and running again as soon as possible.

Fidelity Guarantee

Coverage of financial losses resulting from fraud or theft

If you employ cashiers, bank clerks, accountants or a sales team within your business, they will be frequently exposed to things like cash and valuable business stock. For some, the temptation can be too great not to steal these assets or misuse them in a way that is against the law.

Should one of your employees commit theft, fraud or dishonesty towards your company, our Fidelity Guarantee insurance will protect you by compensating you for any direct financial losses that result from acts of dishonesty by your employees.

Goods In Transit Insurance

Protect goods being transported within the daily running of your business

Does your business buy raw materials that are then converted into finished products? Or maybe it regularly transports goods to your end customers? Our Goods in Transit insurance will protect your business against the accidental loss of or damage to goods being transported by roads within Ghana, caused by any of these events:

  • Fire
  • An accident to the transport vehicle
  • Theft following violence or threat of violence against your employee or carrier, other than at your own business premises

Money Insurance

Protect cash in your business from loss or damage

Holding cash in your business brings with it a host of risks, so it’s best to be covered for unexpected or unwanted events. Hollard’s Money Insurance covers your business for loss, damage or destruction of money in-transit, cash in your safe/s, cash held on your premises (including hold ups), and/or in the residence of any of your employees.

You can also take out additional cover to protect your business against loss, destruction or damage to any safe, strong room or till caused by someone else during a theft or an attempted theft. You can also get cover for damage to clothing or personal effects sustained by you or your employees, by a person attempting to steal money from your business.

Burglary Insurance

Get financially covered for any business burglaries

Businesses often hold valuable assets on their premises – and there may not always be people present to watch over them. This can make them an easy target for theft.

Our business burglary insurance covers you for any damages that happen to your business premises because of a burglar attempting to enter or exit your property, or if they try and do so but aren’t successful.

Our definition of premises doesn’t include any garden, veranda, yard or open out-building or other buildings that aren’t enclosed or in communication with the main building.

Fire Insurance

Get financially compensated if your business is affected by fire or other events

Fire is very destructive and can destroy months and years of hard work if it affects your business. Hollard Ghana’s Fire Insurance gives you financial compensation for any losses or damage to residential, commercial and industrial properties by fire or lightning.

Our fire insurance also covers allied perils such as flood, impact, explosion, earthquake, windstorm, riots, strikes and civil commotion. With this insurance, you’ll know that whatever the future brings, your business is in safe hands

Combined Fire and Burglary Insurance

Ideal for small to medium sized businesses looking for wider coverage

If you’re a small or medium sized business, you may face a range of risks when it comes to your assets – and so you may be looking for wider coverage than our single insurance packages offer.

Our Combined Fire & Burglary insurance covers you for a wide range of business risks such as fire, allied perils and burglary – all in one convenient umbrella package.

With this insurance, you’ll be financially compensated if your business is affected by fire, lightning, floods, impacts, explosions, earthquakes, windstorms, riots, strikes and civil commotion. You’ll also be covered for any loss of or damage to your insured property if someone was attempting to enter or exit your property during a burglary.

Comprehensive Office Insurance

Ideal for professionals who need to insure their office and other assets

If you’re a professional or consultant working from an office, this protects you against damage to your office furniture and utensils of trade as a result of fire and allied perils, theft and accidental breakage of glass. You can also get coverage for liability, loss of rent, out of pocket expenses, temporary removal, public liability, cash-in-safe and on the premises.

As part of this policy, you can also take out personal accident insurance for your employees.


Get customs bonds or bankers blanket bonds that protect you or Customs against a wide range of factors that may result in financial losses.

1. Customs Bonds

If you import or export goods to or from Ghana, you’re legally required to pay customs duty immediately as the goods enter or leave the country. The Ghana Revenue Authority, acting on behalf of the Government of Ghana, will allow duty payments to be deferred if there is a guarantee in place from a reputable insurance company.

A Customs Bond from Hollard is a guarantee against any loss of revenue arising from the failure, default or non-compliance by your company in terms of your obligations to Customs when it comes to export/import duties.

These are the types of customs bonds we offer:

a. Customs Agents House

This bond is granted to Clearing Agents as a guarantee to Customs that should their misconduct result in loss of revenue to the state, the guarantor will pay Customs up to the value of the bond.

b. Temporary Importation

Sometimes you may need to import goods into Ghana for a fixed period of time before re-exporting these goods to their final destination. Since all goods imported into the country need to be taxed, importers use this bond to guarantee that they’ll pay their taxes even if these goods are not re-exported.

c. Transit Bonds

This is a guarantee given to transporters of imported goods destined for a neighbouring country where the transporter hasn’t paid their custom duties.  It covers them if the goods do not reach the stated destination, which can lead to loss of revenue for the state.

d. Warehousing/Security Bonds

This bond is granted to importers whose goods are kept at a licensed bonded warehouse(s), pending payment of their import duties. If the importer defaults or fails to pay customs duties and taxes eligible on these goods at the bonded warehouse, the guarantor will pay Customs these lost duties.

e. Removal Bonds

These are guarantees to Customs that should the goods being removed from a given warehouse(s) not reach their destination, and this leads to a loss of duty to the State, the guarantor will pay this amount to Customs.

2. Surety Bonds

A surety bond is a contractual agreement among at least three parties:
  • The Obligee – entity that requires the bond. Obligees are typically government agencies working to regulate industries and reduce the likelihood of financial loss.
  • The Principal – the primary party who will perform the contractual obligation (or the job).
  • The surety – the insurance company that backs the bond. The surety provides a line of credit in case the principal fails to fulfill the task.

Examples of such Bonds are Bid Bond, and Performance Bonds.

a. Bid Bonds

A written guaranty from a third party guarantor (usually an insurance company) submitted to a principal (client or customer) by a contractor (bidder) with a bid.

A bid bond ensures that on acceptance or winning of a bid by the customer or contractor they will proceed with the contract and will furnish the obligee with a performance bond. In the absence of this the guarantor will pay the customer the difference between the contractor’s bid and the next highest bid.

b. Performance Bond

A written guaranty from a third party guarantor (usually an insurance company) submitted to a principal (client or customer) by a contractor on winning the bid. A performance bond ensures payment of a sum (not exceeding a stated maximum) of money in case the contractor fails in the full performance of the contract. Performance bonds usually cover 100 percent of the contract price and replace the bid bonds on award of the contract.