Hollard Ghana  Commercial Liability Insurance

Hollard Ghana  Commercial Liability Insurance

Get covered for any liabilities created by your business, your employees or the products you produce.

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Public Liability Insurance

Protect your business against accidents or illness that happen to your employees as a result of your operations

As a business, it’s your duty to look after your employees and customers while they’re on your premises. But accidents do happen – for example, you could run a manufacturing plant with dangerous machinery that could accidentally harm the people who operate them.

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For these kinds of situations, public liability insurance covers you and/or your business against any accidental bodily injury or illness that happens on business premises, or if there’s an accidental loss or damage to a third party’s property on your premises.

This insurance covers your business whether the party involved passes away or not, and it also pays out for damages, legal costs and any other expenses that may be involved should there be a claim.

Product Liability Insurance

Protect your business against harm to a third party caused by a product you manufacture

If you’re a manufacturer producing products that you sell to customers or suppliers, there is a small chance that these could potentially harm the people who buy them and use them.

As an extension of our public liability insurance policy, our product liability insurance covers your business against legal damages as a result of bodily injury, illness or death to a person caused by any defect to a product you sell or supply.  That means that even if you didn’t intend for a product to cause harm, if it does and you’re involved in legal action, your business will be financially covered.

Directors and Officers Indemnity

Cover yourself against your decisions as a company director

As a director or officer of a company, you’ll inevitably make decisions on a daily basis that can have huge effects and consequences on the people around you. But even the best managers make mistakes. What if you, as a director or officer, make a decision or take an action about the company that is seen as being a “wrongful act” – even if you were acting in good faith? This could result in a claim made against you for which you’d be financially liable.

Directors’ and officers’ liability covers you financially for any claims made against you in this kind of situation. The policy pays for any costs related to the claim, such as court proceedings or financial losses that result from the event.

With this insurance, the following parties are covered:

  • The director/officer
  • The company if it has contributed costs towards dealing with the matter
  • The estate, heirs, legal representatives or assigns of any deceased, incompetent or insolvent Director or Officer

Professional Indemnity

Protect yourself against negative consequences of your professional advice

If you’re a professional in a specialised field, such as a doctor, a lawyer or a psychiatrist, you’ll offer advice on a daily basis as part of your work. But sometimes, the advice you give may have unintended negative consequences for a third party – whether it’s a client, a colleague, or a professional board of which you’re a member.

If this is the case, you could face legal action against you. Even if you didn’t intend any wrongdoing with your advice, you could still suffer financial losses or face legal costs if actions are brought against you.

With our professional indemnity insurance, you’ll be covered for all costs and expenses relating to claims resulting from this kind of situation.

Stevedore And Shore Handling

Protect your business if you load cargo on and off ships regularly

Having cargo as part of your day-to-day business brings with it a large amount of risks. Our Stevedore and Shore Handling insurance will compensate you in the following circumstances:

  • A third party experiences personal injury or property damage at the places specified in your policy.
  • Sudden physical loss of or damage to your plant and equipment in your care custody and control.
  • Liability for financial loss incurred by your customer as a direct result of customer goods being lost, destroyed or damaged.
  • Damage to your imported and exported cargo during removal and/or transfer from Vessel to Stack (or the other way around), within the peripheries of the port.
  • Any authorised law costs and expenses you incur.
  • Costs and expenses that you are legally liable for relating to the removal or recovery of customer goods and the disposal of any debris, as long as these relate to a documented sudden and accident occurrence.

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