Hollard Ghana  Specialist Business Insurance

Hollard Ghana  Specialist Business Insurance

From engineering insurance to marine & cargo, we’ll cover you for a wide range of unique industry risks.

Marine and Cargo Insurance

Cover the value of any cargo you’re transporting via sea, land or aire

If your business transports cargo to make a living, then you’ll be subjected to a number of risks that are out of your control. Bad weather, breakdowns, strikes and other events during transportation can seriously impact your bottom line.

Our marine and cargo insurance covers you against maritime perils, whether you’re looking for all risks cover or cover just for selected perils. You can also be covered against war or strikes under specific clauses.

We cover you from warehouse to warehouse, so if a vehicle collides or overturns while it is travelling via land, you’ll be covered under this policy. No matter what you’re transporting in order to turn a profit, our marine and cargo insurance will ensure that the value of your goods are always protected, no matter what happens.

Engineering Insurance

Get covered for any engineering risks, from delayed work to bodily injury to machinery breakdown.

Construction and contract works are complicated and as an engineering company, you’re exposed to varying forms of risks at every stage of these processes. These risks, if not accurately evaluated and catered for, could result in huge losses that can have huge negative consequences to your business.

At Hollard Ghana, our specialist underwriters, risk engineers and claims adjusters all understand the unique challenges of this industry, and we’ve designed our engineering insurance policies in accordance with their experience and knowledge.

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