Hollard Insurance Ghana Burglary Insurance

Hollard Insurance Ghana Burglary Insurance

Burglary Insurance

Cover yourself against a burglary in your home

Crime may or may not be on the rise in the neighbourhood where you live, but you should still be prepared. Even with the most high-tech security measures in place, your home may be a target for a burglary. Having electronic equipment, jewellery and other things stolen from out of your house is a horrible experience, and the costs involved in replacing these possessions can be huge. Our burglary insurance compensates you for the loss or damage of your personal property as a result of an actual theft or attempted break in. Get a quote for a tailored insurance policy that covers burglary, theft or robbery.

Burglary Insurance Cover

  • We will cover the cost of replacing your personal items if there is actual forcible or violent breaking into or exit from your home or any other insured premises
  • We will also cover the damage to your insured premises as a result of this forcible entry or exit

Burglary and Theft Insurance Exclusions

Our policy does not cover the following:

  • Loss or damage done by someone who is lawfully on the premises, such as an employee or friend
  • Loss or damage that happens while your premises are left empty or without a caretaker for a continuous period exceeding four consecutive days

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