Hollard Insurance Ghana Premium Pack Features and Benefits

Hollard Executive Motor

If you absolutely cannot live without your car, then this is the policy for you. You can also customise a package if you’re a business with vehicle fleets used by key management employees. On top of your standard motor insurance cover for collisions, fire, theft, natural events and damage to third party property, this package also includes:

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  • The cost of renting a temporary replacement vehicle while your vehicle is undergoing repairs as a result of an accident.
  • The costs of towing your car if you’re in an accident.
  • Peace of mind knowing that there are no deductibles, plus your no-claims discount is preserved, even after you make a claim.

Hollard Home Insurance

Specially designed for middle to upper income earners who own and live in their own homes, this home insurance covers risks beyond fire and allied perils including:

  • Damage caused by escape of water or oil
  • Subsidence and heave of the site on which the building stands, or landslip
  • Cover for outbuildings, swimming pools, septic tanks, pipes and cables and many other items that make up your home
  • Architect and surveyor fees if you need to rebuild or repair damages
  • Cost of alternative accommodation or rent lost due to damage to the building • All-risks insurance on your personal effects within the insured building
  •  Liability for death or injury to third parties or damage to their property
  • Add-on personal accident insurance for yourself, family members and domestic employees, as well as insurance for pedal cycles, business assets or stock in trade

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