How to send money to Ghana from United States of America

How to send money to Ghana from United States of America

You have multiple options to send money to Ghana from the US.

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  • Bank transfers. Your major US banks may allow you to wire money to banks in Ghana.
  • Providers with cash pickup. Companies like Western Union and MoneyGram offer several cash pickup centers in Ghana
  • Money transfer specialists. WorldRemit and other companies let you transfer money to Ghanaian bank accounts. And because they’re trusted partners of, World First and OFX is offering our readers an exclusive deal of $0 in fees.
  • PayPal. Electronic payment giant PayPal allows you to send money from the US to Ghana.
  • M-Pesa. M-Pesa is a safe, secure way to send, receive and store money through your mobile phone or an app. Top up your account at one of more than 287,000 agent locations and then send money to loved ones, who can visit an agent to withdraw their funds.

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