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How To Set up a Mac-Based Ad-hoc Computer Network

  1. Open the AirPort utility application. Click the WiFi icon located on the upper-right corner of the menu bar and select “Create Network” from the pull-down menu to open the AirPort utility application.
  2. Place a check in the “Show AirPort status in menu bar” checkbox, located in the AirPort Utility dialog box.
  3. Enter a name for the network in the “Network Name” field and choose the default channel option (11).
  4. Place a check in the “Require Password” option and enter a password consisting of 10 hexadecimal numbers in the “Network Password” field.
  5. Click “Continue” to exit the AirPort utility. The ad-hoc network has been created. Other devices computers may now connect to the network using a WiFi, Ethernet or USB connection.

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