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How To Verify Original iPhone By Checking Visible External Features

1. Basic Appearance

iPhone has some visible unique and basic features on its body that identify its originality. It has sleep/wake button on the top right corner or the upper right side. In the center, it has a home button just below the screen. Apple logo is stamped on the back side and you can also see a volume button on the upper left side. You can check the pictures on the Apple’s official website and compare the other appearance features of the one you are purchasing with what shown on the website.

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2. Memory Card Slot

Original iPhone always has fixed memory capacity like 32 GB, 62GB, or 128GB. It doesn’t support Micro SD card, so there is no card slot by which you can expand the memory capacity. If you find this, then it must be fake.

3. SIM Card Slot

If you are buying an iPhone having more than 1 SIM card slot, it means it is definitely fake because Apple doesn’t manufacture an iPhone with more than 1 SIM card slot.

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