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How To Verify Original iPhone By Sync to iTunes

iTunes in your iPhone can be used to sync music, movies, TV shows, photos etc. Your iPhone can be synchronized with iTunes by connecting your device to the computer using USB cable. If you are not able to sync data between your iPhone and your computer through iTunes, the iPhone may not be original. iTunes is the unique application that can recognize every genuine iPhone.

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Steps to sync iPhone to iTunes are as follow:

1. Open iTunes on the computer.

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2. Use the USB cable of your iPhone to connect it to your computer.

3. Go to iTunes, find and then click your iPhone.

4. Click the button “Sync” after going to summary tab.

5. Click Apply button.

Another option is to restore your iPhone by clicking the button “Restore iPhone” on the above window. An iPhone that can not be synced to iTunes or can not be restored through iTunes is not an original iPhone.

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