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How To Verify Twitter Account Using General Tips

  1. Understand who usually qualifies for verification. The most common reasons for verification—whether you submit the request yourself or get handpicked by Twitter’s verification team—include being a highly recognizable public figure (musicians, actors, athletes, artists, public officials, public or government agencies, etc.), or if your name and likeness is parodied or impersonated on multiple Twitter accounts, leading to identity confusion.
    • Twitter will not take into account your number of followers or tweets when considering you for verification.
    • For more information, read the Verified Account terms. You can find these by going to the Twitter Verified “About” page.
  2. Be active on Twitter. Posting at least twice per day and engaging people who tag you in their mentions will make your account qualify as “active” to Twitter, and it will also increase your audience’s positive reception of your content.
    • Make sure that you’re discussing your content, services, or other skillset(s) with your audience so that Twitter can see that your audience cares about your public impact.
  3. Have a publicly influential account. As mentioned above, Twitter favors publicly recognized accounts such as performers and entrepreneurs over user accounts that don’t have much in the way of public reach. If you work for a publication, perform for a company, or in any way interact with the public, you’ll want to play that up here.
    • You should also avoid posting controversial or abrasive content. While Twitter verification isn’t an endorsement from Twitter, it does take into account the good-naturedness (or lack thereof) of your account.
    • For example, you might have a blog or a YouTube channel that you use to speak to an audience. This should be the focus of your Twitter account if you want to increase your chances of verification.
  4. Update your account information. Twitter’s verification standards are fairly strict, so you’ll need your profile to contain information that meets these criteria, including your profile and header photos, your name, your bio, and your location.
  5. Follow verified accounts. Doing this will both allow you to see how other verified accounts behave and increase the chances of Twitter granting verification to your account. Following verified accounts shows that you’re serious about engaging the verified community in discussion.
    • As with any kind of engagement on social media, it helps your account’s standing to tag these verified accounts in your content and open dialogue with them if possible.
  6. Contact the official Twitter Verified account. If you want to perform some kind of actionable gesture, you can tweet at the Twitter Verified account (@verified) and ask them to review your account. This is unlikely to yield specific results, but it may put your account on the map for the Twitter Verified team.
    • Be courteous when addressing the Twitter Verified account. There’s always a chance that they’ll blacklist your account if they don’t appreciate your correspondence.
  7. Be patient. Even with the perfect account and engagement, your account may not be verified for a very long time (if ever). Twitter has millions of accounts to review for regular content, so be patient and keep maintaining your account in case Twitter does get around to reviewing it for verification.
    • The Twitter verification application will most likely come back at some point, meaning that the process for applying for a verified account will be much more direct. Until then, you’ll have to play the waiting game.


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