JTTC Abrasive Wheels Course

JTTC Abrasive Wheels Course

Abrasive Wheels

Course Duration           1 day

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Course Venue              Jubilee Technical Training Centre, Takoradi Polytechnic


Who should attend this course and why?

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 The course should be attended by any personnel who are required to change and mount abrasive wheels in their workplace.


Course Pre-Requisites

Ideally the delegate would benefit from previous experience in the use of different types of abrasive wheels and associated equipment.

 There are no age restrictions on delegates attending this course however, delegates under the age of 18 (Young Person’s) who are required to mount abrasive wheels in the workplace must only do so under specific control with adequate levels of supervision. This should be addressed within your companies specific risk assessment for Young Persons.


Course Overview

This course has been designed to give delegates the knowledge and understanding required to change, mount and dress abrasive wheels.



This course demonstrates the safe use, handling, storage and mounting of all types and classes of abrasive wheels (pedestal and hand-held grinders).



At the end of the course you will be able to:


  • Understand all aspects of abrasive wheels technology.
  • Calculate maximum operating and peripheral speeds of abrasive wheels.
  • To state the minimum mandatory safety requirements relating to the use, changing and mounting of each class of abrasive wheel.
  • Demonstrate competently and safely the changing, mounting and dressing of abrasive wheels.

Summary of Course Content

  •       Legislation and regulatory requirements.
  •     Approved advisory literature.
  •     Hazards arising from the use of abrasive wheels
  •    Methods of marking wheels as to type and speed.
  •    Methods of storage and handling.
  •    The function of all components used.
  •      The correct balancing of an abrasive wheel
  •    The correct dressing of an abrasive wheel.
  •     Adjustment of the rest and guards of fixed machines.

Mode of Delivery / Method of Assessment

 A combination of classroom delivery and practical hands-on use of abrasive wheels.

The course will be assessed by a 1 hour written/multi-choice examination and practical observations.

Mandatory Requirement



 Successful course delegates will receive a City & Guilds Certificate.

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