KAAF University College Programs/Courses

KAAF University College Programs/Courses

KAAF University College is committed to a culture of study that is practical and celebrates excellence in teaching. Our faculty and departments provide a learning experience which is intellectually fulfilling within and outside the classroom. Students can choose from courses ranging from Engineering , Business, Computer Science , Law and Nursing.

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KAAF University College Courses offered(22 courses)

BSc Mechanical Engineering(Mechanical Engineering)
Bachelor of Science in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Electrical & Electronic Engineering )
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering(Civil Engineering)
BSc Geomatic Engineering(Geomatic Engineering)
Bachelor of Science in Construction Technology(Construction Technology)
BSc in Banking and Finance(Banking and Finance)
B.Sc. Human Resource Management(Human Resources)
BSc in Accounting(Accounting)
Bsc. Insurance(Insurance)
BSc in Marketing(Marketing)
Bsc. Entrepreneurship(Entrepreneurship)
BSc Civil Engineering(Engineering)
BSc Accounting & Finance( )
BSc Electrical and Electronic Engineering,(Electrical and Electronic Engineering)
BSc Marketing( )
Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Management(HRM)
Bachelor of Science Banking & Finance(Banking & Finance)
BSc Nursing(Nursing)
Bachelor of Laws(LLB)
BSc Computer Science and Engineering(Computer Science)
BSc Geomatic Engineering (Geodetic Engineering)(Engineering)
BSc Construction Technology & Management (Building Technology)(Building Technology)

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