KAAF University College School Of Business Programmes

KAAF University College School Of Business Programmes

The Faculty has six (6) active departments and received re-accreditation from the National Accreditation Board (NAB) this year to offer B.Sc. Admin degree programmes in the following specializations:

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1. Accounting

2. Banking & Finance

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3. Entrepreneurship

4. Human Resource Management

5. Insurance

6. Marketing

Career and Prospects

Business Management degrees provide a wide range of employment options. Successful careers pursued by business graduates include management consultant, research officers, auditing, accountants and  administrative officers.

KAAF students have already started occupying critical positions in industry.

KAAF students are already serving (on attachment) in administrative positions and as tellers at Womens’ World Bank, Ecobank etc.

  •  Today’s economic climate means more accountability and transparency in financial reporting—which means Accounting graduates are in increasing demand
  •  import/export agents, marketing administrators, real estate appraisers, research and sales analysts, sales representatives, marketing communicators, branding managers, public relations officers and services marketing officers are some of the opportunities that may be available to marketing graduates
  •  Banking and Finance graduates can look forward to jobs as Tellers, Financial Analysts, Personal Financial Advisors, Debt collectors, Loan officers, Treasurers, etc.