KNUST Halls of Residence and Hostels

KNUST Halls of Residence and Hostels


The University has eleven halls of residence:

The traditional Halls include;

Independence Hall (mixed)

Republic Hall (mixed)

Queen Elizabeth II Hall (mixed)

Africa Hall (female)

Unity Hall (male)

University Hall (male)

 On-Campus Hostels

Hall Seven

Brunei Hostels

SRC Hostels

Credit Union Hostel

Graduate Students Hostel

Residential Fees

Traditional Halls range: 950 – 1,000

On-Campus Hostels: 1,500 – 3,000

International Students: $1,200 0- $1,500



  1. Visit the online ROOM ALLOCATION PORTAL (
  2. Log in with the Receipt Pin and Card/Application Number to begin with the process
  3. Select a room of your hall of affiliation
  4. Print out your room allocation letter
  5. A copy of the letter and an attached passport size photograph should be submitted to the hall tutor on the day of reporting


You can access the registration portal after full payment of fees and this system operates on a first-come-first-serve basis

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