KNUST MPhil Economics

KNUST MPhil Economics

MPhil Economics In KNUST

The Department of Economics currently runs a two-year Master of Philosophy (MPhil) degree programme in Economics on full time basis. The program has been designed in such a way that students can nish in two academic years. This program prepares students for careers in industry, the public sector, undergraduate teaching, as well as those who want to pursue PhD in Economics.

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Admission Requirements

A good first degree in Economics, at least Second Class (Upper Division). Candidates must have done Econometrics, Advanced Economic Theory and
Mathematics for Economists at the undergraduate level in a recognized tertiary institution. Admission is subject to passing an interview.


Students pay two types of fees each year. The first type of fees is the Academic Facility User Fees (AFUF). The second type of fees is Bench fees. Both fees are paid directly to the university.

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Program Structure

The first year of the programme is devoted to course work. Students take five(5) core courses Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Mathematical Economics, and Research Methods in Economics plus three
elective courses selective selected from the following; Monetary Theory and Practice, International Economics, Public Finance, Environmental Economics, Natural Resource Economics, Health Economics, Economic Policy Analysis, Energy Economics, Financial Economics, Development Economics, Construction Economics, and Operations Research.

Year I Semester I

  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Econometrics
  • Mathematics

Year I Semester II

  • Research Methods in Economics
  • Plus three(3) elective courses selected from the following
  • Monetary Theory and Practice
  • International Economics
  • Public Finance
  • Environmental Economics
  • Natural Resource Economics
  • Health Economics
  • Economic Policy Analysis
  • Financial Economics
  • Energy Economics
  • Development Economics
  • Construction Economics
  • Operations Research

Year I Semester I & II

Research (Thesis Work)

In the second year students work on their Thesis which consists of original research established by an extensive literature review and justication for the results. Special departmental seminars are organized for students to present
their research work to the faculty and other graduate students.

Oral Examination

An oral examination of the Thesis work is required. In accordance with the guidelines set by the School of Graduate Studies, an oral examination can only be done for a Thesis that has been passed by both external and internal