KNUST MPhil In Mathematics

KNUST MPhil In Mathematics

Year 1 Semester 1

MATH 515 Differential Equations

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MATH 503 Computer Solutions to Scientific Problems I

MATH 505 Advanced Numerical Methods I

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MATH 507 Optimization Techniques I

MATH 509 Optimal Control Theory I

MATH 517 Statistical Models I

MATH 527 Applied Stochastic Processes I

MATH 529 Applied Functional Analysis I

Year 1 Semester 2


MATH 534 Modelling with Differential Equations

MATH 528 Applied Stochastic Process

MATH 518 Statistical Models

MATH 510 Optimal Control Theory II

MATH 508 Optimization Techniques II

MATH 506 Advanced Numerical Methods II

MATH 504 Computer Solutions to Science Problems II

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