KNUST Republic Hall

KNUST Republic Hall

There’s too much to write about the Mongols so you may really want to look in if you are around. The shuttles stop right in front so you just have to walk in past a very huge statue of a rooster crowing it all away. Before you go in, get extra cash at the ATMs at the Royal Parade Grounds if you wish. Then walk right in!

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When I step in, I usually walk straight up to the café. I never use the wi-fi even though bandwidth is good.  Then check out a game of basketball at the courtyard. There’s always one in the evening and Mongols like to stand around watching their boys make baskets all over the place. The SRC and Protestant Chaplaincy are headquartered here and then you can find also some beautiful sculptures gracing the lawns and welcome-guiding you along. What I love about Republic Hall is the architecture; the whole main hall is a labyrinth you can spend your afternoon getting lost about. So if you find your way again by evening, stop at the JCR and get a drink….or play pool, or play FIFA or dance.

What makes Republic Hall popular GH-wide is their hall week. Never been in one but I know all sorts of things go on in there…enough to make UG and the whole country troop in. They get the biggest sponsorships for these things, and sometimes, they just go crazy about it all. Enough said for the Mongols. Enough said!!

What to look out for: Dunks. You’ll probably see the best ballers do the best of them.

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