KNUST Unity Hall Info

KNUST Unity Hall Info

When you walk a little down the street and behind Republic, you see cadet corps trooping in front of West Africa’s largest hall. Unity Hall! They call themselves Continentals (think it’s got some to do with continental unity). If you approach the entrance to Unity, you’ll always find guys sitting on two bench rows so you have to walk through them. That’s where the fun starts. You can hear anything about anything. Including X-rated stuff!!

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You see, Unity Hall has tradition. The whole hall is like a clan. And like all clans, there are Dos and Don’ts. Like, NEVER, EVER wear RED into the hall if you are a lady. EVER!!

They love it!

You can try it if you are daring enough and love fun too. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. It can be straightly embarrassing. They’ll come saucepan-clanging at you, doing the push-ups at your feet and chorusing…. “Kɔkɔɔɔ oooo Kɔkɔɔ!!!” The whole Hall! Let me help you. It means, “Red oooooo Red!!’ And it don’t even matter if exams are going on. You’ll sweat it.

Unity Hall has a courtyard meant for basketball. If you ever play, then you will be standing in-between two gigantic eight-storeyed, two-rows-per-floor buildings. If you got that, it means that, if each row were detached, there’ll be sixteen floors per block. That makes thirty two floors altogether and West Africa’s most populous hall.

Inside Unity, take some of the best photos at Studio 225. That’s where I did my project printing too. Then shop at Conti Supermarket, get arguably the best gɔbɛ (it’s so much of a big deal, you’ll see), and then there’s a place where you can get the best stews for your cooking. Oh, I forgot to say! Unity is one of two all-guys halls. That explains the ‘Lady-In-Red’ thing and the stews bit too. Guys don’t cook much, you know? There’s so much spirit in Unity. They’re so on edge like guys waiting to mutiny. If you really want the total Continental experience, wait till evening, get Ice cream from the supermarket, stand in the courtyard and watch them drum and sing non-stop for close to three hours. Unbelievable stuff!! You’ll enjoy it best if you don’t understand one bit of all they’re singing….otherwise, it’s not even rated 18.

What to look out for: Aboagyewaa! A seated, sad-looking statue of a lady in the never-used fountain/pool  area with a bottle of something sitting beside her. History.