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A history of the University of Science and Technology and its Main and Faculty/Institute libraries is given. The age long traditional library services – acquisition, cataloguing, circulation, reference, serials and interlibrary loans – offered by the main and some of the Faculty/Institute libraries which fall short, in many respects, of library service today, are discussed. The present level of service where some amount of automation like the computerisation of cataloguing records, data communication service like Electronic – Mail and information retrieval service like CD – ROM are being offered alongside the traditional service are outlined. There is the need for a change and the factors which have brought this need for change to the modern ways of information provision, like economic recession, information explosion, technological innovations and inadequate staffing are discussed. The expected services and decisions necessary for the libraries to perform well with the global increase in the production of information, current varied formats of information and the increased demand for information by faculty students and researchers are stated.

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