Koforidua Senior High Technical School

Koforidua Senior High Technical School, also called Sec-Tech, is a Senior High School located in Koforidua in the Eastern Region of Ghana. As of December 2011, the school has over 2,200 students. The school existed as a Boys School since its establishment, until recently few girls were introduced of about 5% of the overall students population. Because of the initial boy population, the slogan Mmarima Mma really sufficed which means when transliterated, Sons of Men. (It is an Akan (Twi) language.)

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The number increased much within the time-period of the 4-year schooling program that was introduced by the GES of Ghana. Sec-Tech has over 120 active teachers and about 90 non-teaching staffs who are dedicated in providing the best available services to their students. The school is headed (known as Headmaster) by Mr. S.P. Foli (the first old boy to be appointed)who took over from Mr. Bempong J.K who hails from Akwatia (as at the time of writing), born in 1953. He headed this institute for over 9 years. The school has the largest stretch of land in Koforidua, if not the whole of Eastern Region. Most and bigger sporting events are held often in the school because of her spacious environment.