KTU Academic Calendar 2019/2020

KTU Academic Calendar 2019/2020

KTU Academic Calendar 2019/2020 – Koforidua Technical University has released their Calendar for 2019/2020 academic year. See details of KTU Academic Calendar 2019/2020 below

KTU Academic Calendar: Below Is the Official Koforidua Technical University KTU Academic Calendar for the 2019/2020 academic session.

The following policies and procedures are applicable to all students who officially register for programmes at Koforidua Technical University.

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Koforidua Technical University Academic Calendar 2019/2020 has been successfully uploaded online, the Academic Calendar is available as follows:

26 Submission of Marked Semester Exam and Resit  Exam Scripts to HoDs and uploading of Results on OSIS (All Programs) 28th January,  2019
27 Departmental and Faculty Board Meetings  (All Programs) 4th  – 8th February, 2019
28 Academic Board Meeting to Consider Results (All Programs) 14th February, 2019
1 Reporting (All Programs)/ – Fresh/Continuing Students(Morning Session) 2nd February, 2019
2 Reporting (Weekend Session) 2nd February, 2019
3 Registration (All Programs including Weekend) 4th February – 17th February, 2019
4 Lectures Begin (All Programs) 4th February, 2019
5 Lectures Begin (Weekend Session) 8th February, 2019
6 Late Registration (All Programs including Weekend) 18th  – 24th March, 2019
7 Submission of 2nd Semester Exam Questions to Deans (All Programs including Weekend Session). 4th March, 2019
8 Submission of Mock Exams Questions to Deans (DBS/Eng/Pre-HND/Hosp etc) 4th  March, 2019
9 Students’ Representative Council Week Celebration 4th  –  10th March, 2019
10 Submission of 2nd Semester HND Questions (Including Weekend Session) to Pro Vice-Chancellor 11th  March, 2019
11 Submission of HND Questions (Including Weekend Session) to NABPTEX – Pro Vice-Chancellor 15th March, 2019
12 Mid-Semester Exams (All Programs including Weekend) 25th – 31st March, 2019
14 Mock Examinations (DBS II, Eng., Hospitality), Pre-HND 9th – 15th  April, 2019
15 Practical Exams (All Programs) 29th April – 6th May, 2019
16 End of 2nd Semester Examinations (All Programs – Morning Session) 13th – 29th May, 2019
17 End of 2nd Semester Exams (Weekend Session) 17th – 19th May,  24th – 26th May, 31st May- 2nd June, 2019
18 Vacation (All Programs) – Morning Session 30th May –  12th  August, 2019
19 Vacation (Weekend Session) 3rd June – 16th August, 2019
20 Industrial Attachment June – August, 2019
21 External Exam (DBS II, Engineering and Hospitality) June, 2019
22 External Examinations (Pre-HND) June, 2019
24 Submission of Marked Exams Scripts to HoDs and Uploading of Results on OSIS 8th July,  2019
25 Departmental/Faculty Board Meetings 15th -19th July, 2019
26 Academic Board Meeting to Consider Results 23rd July, 2019
1 Resit Examinations 29th  July – 11th August, 2019
2 Reporting/Orientation/Registration – Freshers (All Programs) 12th  August, 2019
3 Reporting/Orientation – Weekend (Freshers) 19th – 25th August, 2019
4 Reopening– Continuing Students (All Programs) 19th August, 2019
5 Lectures Begin (All Programs) 19th August, 2019
6 Lectures Begin (Weekend) 23rd August, 2019
7 Convocation 13th November, 2019
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