List Of Law Schools In Ghana

List Of Law Schools In Ghana

In order to become a law student in any of the law schools in Ghana , you need to obtain, first, a degree (4-year duration). Any degree will do if it is awarded by a recognised institution. By “recognised”, I mean the institution must be recognised by the institutions which offer law degrees: UG, KNUST, GIMPA, Zenith, Mount Crest (there are a few private arrangements which lead to the ‘London Law Degree’ . After your first degree, you may gain entry into one of the above-named institutions to study for a law degree – the LLB (2-year duration). After obtaining the LLB (subject to certain conditions) you may qualify to enrol in the Ghana School of Law for the Professional Law Course (2-year duration)

Ghana School Of Law

Wisconsin International University College Faculty Of Law

University of Ghana School Of Law

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