List of Online Shopping Sites in Ghana

  1. Jumia: Jumia Ghana is a very broad website with a lot of goodies for online shoppers. It has branches in other African Countries including Nigeria, Morrocco, Kenya, Cote D’Ivoire and Cameroon.Jumia has a variety of store sites including Jumia Market, Food, Travel, and Jumia House. The Jumia Deals is just like Tonaton, and OLXJumia Travel is a hotel booking site. Jumia Food, is my favorite. It is a food delivery site in Ghana. You order for any food of your choice and get it delivered to you at the same price as that of getting it from the restaurant. This is a great idea.
  2. ZoobashopZoobashop has a broad category of products from Phones, home appliances, food, drinks & groceries, fashion and beauty products, baby, kids & toys and lots more.
  3. Ahonya Shop: Ahonya lets you shop for a lot of items on UK and US sites and promises to get it delivered within 5 to 10 days. Word of Caution: For those willing to try out Ahonya, you may hold on for a while. We have had several complaints about their quality of service. We therefore sent them a message concerning the issue, and they have promised to get back to us on resolving the issue. After we get a good response, we would remove this notice. If not, we would take their site out of the list. We deeply regret the inconvenience we have caused our loyal readers. 
  4. Cheki GhanaChecki is a car website in Ghana where you can buy or sell a car in Ghana.
  5. Melcom: Melcom Online is a new online shop in Ghana. We all know Melcom, and what they sell. Now, they have decided to get online. You can get all you need to buy from Melcom straight from their online shop, right from your home.

The above is the list of best online shopping sites in Ghana. Please note that I have not arranged them in order of importance. each of them is a good place to buy items online.

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