‘Core’ and Compulsory Law Courses

LAW183: Ghana Legal System & Method 1- Sources of Ghanaian law; the administration of justice; the legal process. The courts, the legal profession, legislation, judicial precedent/case law; introduction to criminal law and civil process.

LAW184: Ghana Legal System & Method 2-Provides students with knowledge and skills in researching legal materials and undertaking legal writing on the basis of such materials. In particular, students will undertake practical exercises, be shown methods of citation and manual search and electronic retrieval methods for collections of written laws and reports, and law textbooks, journals and encyclopaedias. Students will receive instruction and practical experience in reading judicial decisions, both reported and unreported, on written constitutions, legislation and subsidiary legislation, and in finding and presenting sources of customary law. The emphasis in this course is very much on the active participation of the student.

LAW185: Constitutional Law 1-Definition, history and sources and classification of constitutions; concepts of separation of powers, rule of law, supremacy of parliament etc.

LAW186: Constitutional Law 2- The military and constitutionalism in Ghana; detailed study of the 1992 Ghana Constitution; Supremacy of the constitution; Legislative, judicial and executive powers.

LAW251: Law of Contract 1- Involves a discussion of the development of the law of contract, and then an in-depth examination of the way in which a contract is formed, including offer, acceptance and consideration, the terms of a contract, and the persons bound by a contract.

LAW252: Law of Contract 2 – Examines in detail the circumstances in which a contract in unenforceable, or is rendered void, or may be set aside by the courts. This course also considers the way in which a contract may be discharged, remedies for breach of contract and concludes with a consideration of quasi-contract, and contract in custom.

LAW263: Law of Torts 1 –Examines in detail the torts of strict liability under the common law, e.g. trespass, fire, animals, dangerous things that escape from land, nuisance, conversion of goods, defamation.

LAW264: Law of Torts 2-Deals with torts based upon intentional, reckless or negligent conduct which causes damage, such as intentional interference with contract or trade, fraudulent statements, negligent acts or omissions generally, and in relation to conduct, property, employment, products and statements. The course also considers who may be parties to proceedings for torts, and what remedies may be granted by the courts.

LAW287: Criminal Law 1- Discusses the general principles of criminal responsibility, effecting criminal liability, and examines the specific criminal offences relating to homicide and assault. The course also deals with basic criminal procedure.

LAW288: Criminal Law 2- Examines specific offences relating to sexual relations, property and public and inchoate offences. This course also investigates more detailed aspects of criminal procedure.

LAW365: Land Law 1- Provides understanding of the law relating to real property or land in Ghana. In particular, this course examines rights and interests in land and water, common law and equity and custom. This course also considers the manner in which rights and interests in land may be registered and the effect of registration and non- registration.

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