Metropolitan Corporate Individual Pensions Scheme

Metropolitan Corporate Individual Pensions Scheme


Our Corporate Individual Pensions Scheme is specially designed to allow corporate workers plan for their retirement. Whether you have or do not have a workplace pension, this can be a good way of securing extra retirement income.

We offer flexible and tailored solutions – where an individual employee, group of employees or employers together with employees can make extra pensions contributions aside the mandatory tier 1 and 2 and the employer sponsored tier 3 scheme. These contributions then grow into a lump sum (pension fund) that will provide you with pension benefits when you retire.

At Metropolitan, we combine efficient administration utilizing our team of experienced and well trained staff and a stable administrative technology solution to ensure your retirement funds grow and are secured. We focus on managing the complexities, enabling employers to focus on managing their businesses.



  • Minimum contribution amount: 50.00GHC
  • No restrictions on contribution amount
  • Contributions can be deducted from payroll


  • Withdrawal: 50% withdrawal allowed after every 3 years. Full withdrawal allowed only on termination of scheme membership
  • Member is paid a lump sum benefits.

How To Join

To become a member of this exciting scheme:

  • Simply complete and submit a Membership Form to Metropolitan Pensions Trust
  • Submit together with a valid National ID
  • Membership Forms are available our Head Office or any of our regional office, or downloadable on our website on our Downloads Page
  • Your account will be activated within 24 hours of submission of completed form.
  • Metropolitan would also provide you with a Pensions Account Number (PAN) to be used in contribution payment and claims processing.

The Benefits

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