Metropolitan Health Insurance Ghana Limited Products

Metropolitan Health Insurance Ghana Limited Products

Metropolitan Health Insurance Ghana Limited offers a wide array of bespoke products and services that are targeted at groups (associations and unions), corporate organizations and families.

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At Metropolitan Health Insurance Ghana:

You are assured of a financially sound and secure product

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Our products offer both financial stability and sustainability through prudent healthcare budgeting, ensuring continued access to healthcare cover at a reasonable rate.

You have access to a comprehensive product range

Our offerings include a range of five benefit options, with flexibility within each option, to provide for you and your family’s anticipated and unexpected healthcare needs. All options are rich in benefits and high in value to ensure affordability without compromising quality.

 Your service satisfaction is our priority

At Metropolitan Health, we are committed to a culture of caring and we strive to understand the healthcare needs of our members. The Metropolitan experience is real satisfaction and real value for money!

24/7 Client Service Hotlines

We have dedicated hotlines focused on providing support to members on additional service consultation, looking after the well-being of our members

At Metropolitan Health Insurance Limited, we pledge to add colour to your healthcare experience. Each option comes with a free wellness programme that provides a basic health screening experience.

Explore our 5 bespoke colourful healthcare products as shown below: (insert Power Point File)

Metropolitan International Health Insurance 

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