Metropolitan Life Insurance Ghana Limited Products

Metropolitan Life Insurance Ghana Limited Products

Eternity Plan

This is a risk policy that provides cover for yourself, your spouse, your children, your parents and parents-in-laws, as well as your extended family members. Very few insurers extend funeral covers to parents-in-law hence a fantastic opportunity to start now.

Metropolitan Life will pay your claim within 48 hours of notification on receipt of required documents, leaving you to deal with funeral, free of financial pressures when this policy is taken on. It also lessens the financial burden on the main life when he or she loses a loved one.

Cash Plan

This policy is also a unit-linked investment plan that helps you to achieve your dream in a minimum term of ten (10) years.To accumulate wealth is to save regularly with a monthly premium set at an affordable level, Cash Plan is the answer as it enables you to withdraw up to 70% of the withdrawal benefit after the 2nd year of contribution.

MasterPlan Plus

This product is a combination of risk, investment fused with some form of medical insurance. It is meant to provide cover for the immediate family, parents and parents-in-laws as well as the extended family members. It is also an innovative life insurance product that covers a large variety of unforeseen events.

Retirement Plan

This is our ultimate policy which makes you young even after your retirement. Only a very small percentage of people retire financially independent. Most people are unprepared for the cost that they will face once they retire. The Retirement Plan offers you better and higher returns of investment through regular affordable monthly contribution of premiums.

School Finance Plan

The foundation of a successful future is good education, but unfortunately, education is expensive. With Metropolitan’s School Finance Plan, you can start now to secure your child’s future.

The School Finance Plan is a unit linked investment product that would assist you in savings towards your childrens education in future and its flexibility lies in the fact that you can choose the monthly premium that you want to pay or a single lump sum amount. One can also choose the term of investment, between 10 and 20 years.

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