Metropolitan Pensions Trust Insurance Ghana Individual Products

Metropolitan Pensions Trust Insurance Ghana Individual Products

Metropolitan Personal Pensions

 Have you wondered if your Tier 2 and 3 pensions would be enough?

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 Do you desire a happy retirement life

 Are you employed in the informal sector

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 Are you looking for a flexible yet secured and high rewarding retirement plan

 Sign onto the Metropolitan Personal Pension Scheme

 What is Metropolitan Personal Pension?

The Metropolitan Personal Pension Plan, a Tier 3 Pensions scheme, is a specially designed savings plan for you to make provisions for your retirement.

Whether you have or don’t have a workplace pension, this can be a good way of securing a retirement income.

It is characterized by the following features:

  • Individuals that are not in group schemes can save for retirement
  • Formal or Informal Organized Groups (Driver’s Association, Market Women Association, Second Hand Dealers etc.) can save for retirement
  • Flexible contributions
  • Normal Retirement age is 60 years (early/late retirement possible)
  • Members can withdraw from the Plan before retirement age subject to Pensions Act and scheme rules


  • Minimum contribution amount: 50.00GHC
  • No restrictions on contribution amount


  • Withdrawal: 50% withdrawal allowed after every 3 years. Full withdrawal allowed only on termination of scheme membership
  • Member is paid a lump sum benefits.

How To Apply For Metropolitan Pensions Trust Individual Products

Metropolitan Smart Save Personal Pensions

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