Midland Salary Loans

Salary Loans


This product makes money available to the customer before the end of month. Loan is charged against the salary at the end of the month. The salary Loans is categorized into two:

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  • Controller and Accountant General Staff: This category of loan is payable within one year from source.
  • Private Salaried Workers: This loan’s payment plan is within six months through the use of postdated cheque.

Requirements for accessing this loan:

Private Individual

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  • 2 Passport-Size Photographs.
  • Current Bank Statement covering at least 3 Months.
  • If a Salary Worker 3 Months pay slip should be added.
  • Recognized National ID card (Voter, Driver, National, NHIS, and Passport etc.)
  • Guarantor must be aware that he/she is jointly and severally liable to the Loan until the last cedi of the loan is repaid.
  • Direction to their Residence, Place of Business or Office of applicant and guarantor (if loan amount is more than GHC3000) using the Appropriate Form.

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