Ministry of Health (MOH) Nursing And Midwifery Programmes

Ministry of Health (MOH) Nursing And Midwifery Programmes


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These programmes prepare graduates to work in nursing and midwifery fields. They are regulated by the Nurses and Midwives Council of Ghana. Health Training Institutions (HTIs) offering Registered General Nursing,

Registered Midwifery, Registered Mental Health Nursing, Registered Community Nursing, Community Health Nursing and Health Assistant Clinical Programmes are located in each region. Applicants interested in pursuing any of these programmes should note that they shall be required to undertake their rotations/ internship/ National Service AND at least the first two years of employment in the region of location of the Institution attended (With the exception of students who receive support from institutions outside the region of training).


Registered Community Nursing (RCN)

Registered General Nursing (RGN)

Registered Mental Nursing (RMN)

Registered Midwifery (RM) (Females)

Critical Care Nursing

Peri-Operative Nursing

Ear Nose and Throat Nursing

Ophthalmic Nursing

Post Basic Midwifery (Females)

Post Basic Midwifery (Male)

Public Health Nursing

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