MTN Shares Dividends

MTN Shares Dividends

1.4.5 Minimum Number of Offer Shares

The minimum subscription of each Qualifying Applicant under the Offer must be for a minimum of 10 Offer Shares amounting to GHS 7.50 and, thereafter, any additional Offer Shares subscribed for must be in multiples of 10 amounting to GHS 7.50, with no maximum on subscriptions.

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Shareholders are to note that dividends are based on annual profits made by MTN.

1.4.6 Minimum Amount to be raised under the Offer

The minimum aggregate amount to be raised for the Offer to be declared successful and implemented is GHS 347,804,590 (the “Minimum Amount”). If MTN Ghana only raises the Minimum Amount under the Offer, then MTN Ghana shall utilise the amount raised as follows:

Expected Use of Funds

Amount in GHS

Payment of dividends to the Existing Shareholders


Transaction cost


Total Consideration



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