MultiCredit Loans Scheme

MultiCredit Loans Scheme

Adepa loan scheme is specially designed for entrepreneurs to enable them develop their businesses.

Auto (Car) Loans

This is a loan/credit facility for the purchase of home used or brand new vehicles from local and international authorized dealers.

– Maximum amount should not exceed gross annual salary
– Trade-in options available in at least every 2 years

– Interest-free credit/loan for 2 months
– Drive-off in a brand new vehicle of your choice (i.e. insurance cover and registration hassle-free)
– Repayment terms structured to suit you
– Option to trade-in for newer models (at least every 2 years)
– Regular servicing/maintenance monitoring

The Corporate Loan is intended for Multinational Institutions, Large, Medium, Small Local companies in Ghana. Our experience in loans disbursement and management is replicated to provide comprehensive financial solutions within our chosen market.
The corporate loans are for current account holders.

We offer
– Flexible Credit Facilities
– Travel Credits
– Overdraft facilities

The interest rate is competitive.

This product is a written irrevocable undertaking issued by MCSL to pay to the beneficiary a specific sum of money on demand in the event that its customer (applicant) has not fulfilled his contractual obligations, within the validity of the guarantee. Guarantees can be local or foreign.

This is a loan product aimed at assisting the customer to buy and build a home or make improvements on the customer’s existing home. This is a way of getting customers to own their property like houses in Ghana. MCSL offers home loans at very competitive prices. MCSL ensures that every customer with different credit profile and income level is assured of home financing.

This product is aimed at assisting importers clear their goods and it is approved for a very short term with a maximum period of two (2) months.

This product is designed to meet the working capital needs of contractors and vendors of reputable organizations. The product is for clients who are awarded tenders to supply goods and services. The Bank can study their contract/orders and consider advances against the said contract/orders or the appropriate amount of outstanding due for payment.
The product also provides financing for outstanding receivables.
They are a short-term and are given for a maximum period of 3 months (60 days).

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