NABCO Selection Process –

NABCO Selection Process –

Notifications Sent to Applicants as NABCO Begins Selection Process

NABCO from today Thursday, 23rd August, 2022 have begun the process of selection of the NABCO Trainees.

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Notifications are being sent to all applicants to check on the status of their applications. Depending on the applicant’s mobile network, there will be time variations in the receipt of the notifications. Nevertheless, applicant that booked and attended the interview can still proceed to check their status whether they receive the notification or not.

Applicants are required to visit and use their NABCO numbers to check their status. A sample of the message is as follows;

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Dear Esinam, login at with NABCO number: NABCOVRREG12345 and your password to check your status.

Selected applicants are to print a conditional letter of engagement. Applicants after reading the terms and conditions of engagement are required to signscan and upload the letter on the NABCO Portal to confirm their acceptance of the offer and for NABCO to also officially engage you.

After confirmation, NABCO will send a message congratulating you on your engagement with them. A sample of that message reads:

Dear Esinam, Congratulations on your successful enrolment into NABCO. Visit for the next steps.

Kindly note that, documents and information on some applicants are still being verified, hence they have a status of verification pending.  Those applicants will be notified when they are finally verified to proceed to the selection process. A sample of that message reads:

Dear Applicant with ref # NABCOVRREG54321, your verification status has changed from PENDING to VERIFIED. Please visit and check your placement status.

As you maybe aware, NABCO was oversubscribed by over 40,000, hence NABCO would not be able to engage all applicants immediately. Therefore, NABCO will keep those not selected on a waiting list. Status of those on the waiting list can change at any time and once that is done, a notification will be sent to the said applicant to follow the selection process. A sample of that message reads:

Dear Kweku, with ref # NABCOGRCIG12345, you have been moved from the waiting list to the selected list. Please visit and check your placement status.

Applicant are advised to visit for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

We entreat all stakeholders to continue to remain patient with the process.

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  1. Nabcocredg06841
    Has be verified
    Still on selection pending
    Why, am I also on waiting list
    I was able to print my engagement letter on 23rd August but I could not upload it
    What is my way forward

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