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NABCO Appointment Letter 2023

NABCO Appointment Letter 2023 – Government’s NABCO programme is very popular right now, with a lot of graduates who are currently not working looking forward to receiving a kind of notification of posting, an appointment letter and to know where they have been placed at.

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Currently, all indications point to the fact that successful NABCO applicants will not start work until the beginning of October 2023.

It is also known that there will be training for all modules with the exception of Heal Ghana module (these guys are obviously trained professionals already and may not need any specific on the job training as what they have learnt and practice is exactly what they will be practising.

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So then if NABCO applicants are to start work in October, then when will they receive their placements?

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When will NABCO Applicants be placed; when will appointment letters be out?

Starting from the 13th of August 2023, NABCO Applicants should expect to receive their notification of placements via SMS or email.

Some people are also speculating the 20th of August 2023, and given the “slow” nature of proceedings for NABCO, that should not be dismissed at all.

However, time will tell and we wait to see.

Applicants should, however, note that placement notification for some people will come before others. This means some people may receive their text messages or emails before others do.

Applicants are therefore to remain calm during the whole process and continue to check their emails, the NABCO portal or their message inbox.

How to check your NABCO Placement

When the NABCO Placements are out, there would be three ways to check them. Whichever one an applicant uses is at his/her own discretion. Here are the three ways to check.

Much of the communication from NABCO has come in the form of SMS. From the time of booking applications to the time of giving feedback, SMS has been the main form of communication and there is no reason for NABCO to change that now.

To ensure that you receive your SMS if you are selected, remember to keep your SIM active at all times starting from Monday, 13th August. Some carriers do not deliver a message after some time if your line is off so keeping it on.

It is also likely that the SMS may contain valuable information like a PIN or code. Therefore, write the details down once you receive them so in the event you lose your phone, you won’t lose your job.

Email from NABCO

NABCO may also send you an email confirming your successful appointment and placement. If you have a lot of emails that you haven’t checked, now is a good time to check and delete all the useless ones so that your mail is clean.

With a lot of unimportant mail, in your inbox, you may lose the important notification from NABCO.

Be sure to also check your spam for the notification from time to time.

NABCO Portal

If you visit and sign in to your account, you should see the current status of your application.

Same way, when placement notifications and appointments are out, they should be updated there.

Timeline for NABCO (After Interview Phase)

1st August 2023 – 3rd August 2023: Supplementary Interview for those who missed

14 August 2023 – 28 September 2023: Pre-deployment training for all modules

1 October 2023 – Start Working

NABCO Schedule

Date NABCO Activity
August 23, 2023
Begin notifications by SMS to interviewees
September 10 – 19, 2023
Orientation at District level for selected NABCO Trainees
September 20, 2023
Passing Out Ceremony at Regional Levels
October 1, 2023
NABCO Trainees start work with organizations/institutions.

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    Please, my is still pending what can I do to print out the appointment letter.
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