National Service Scheme NSS Registration 2019

National Service Scheme NSS Registration 2019

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  1. Print a copy of posting and appointment letters by deployed personnel
  2. Proceed to the designated zonal center for verification and regional director endorsement of posting/appointment letters

III. Report to user agency/place of posting for head of agency to endorse and date posting/appointment letter which has already been verified and endorsed by regional director.


  1. Make three (3) copies of the fully endorsed posting/appointment letters and submit
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Ø One copy to the head of agency that has endorsed posting/appointment letter

Ø Two copies to the NSS district office to which you have been posted

  1. Keep the original copy of the endorsed appointment letters


  1. Report to user agency to start your national service duty from 1st September, 2017

VII. Submit monthly duty form to your district office not after 15th of each month for monthly allowance processing.


Ø Student I.D Card or Letter of attestation from institution attended or transcript

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