National Service Scheme NSS E-Zwich

National Service Scheme NSS E-Zwich

National Service Scheme NSS E-Zwich – See Details of NSS E-Zwich, How to Register for NSS E-Zwich

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What is e-zwich?

E-zwich is the name of the electronic payment system introduced by the Bank of Ghana in collaboration with all banks in Ghana. The system allows a holder of an e-zwich smartcard to carry out electronic transactions at any e-zwich Point of Sale (POS) terminal or ATM. It also allows the e-zwich smart cardholder to access banking services at any bank throughout Ghana irrespective of whether that bank issued that smartcard or not.

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What are the benefits of this system?

1• It is faster. Allowances can be loaded same day disbursements are made.
2• It is Convenient. So long as you have your e-zwich smart card on you, you always have access to your money. No need to carry cash.
3• If the cardholder’s Smartcard is lost their funds are safely transferred onto a new card, minimizing risk of losing cash through carelessness or robbery.
4• The e-zwich Smartcard is secure. It requires biometric (fingerprint) authentication for its use, so nobody can have access to your money.
5• Gives the cardholder access to a wide range of retail and banking services at any POS terminal anywhere in Ghana.
6• The cardholder can also earn interest on money held in the savings wallet on their card.(For more details, talk to your bank or read more on

How do I get an e-zwich Smartcard?

Go to any Bank or Savings and Loans company of your choice, complete a registration form, submit the authorised IDs namely; Passport, Driver’s License, Voter’s ID or National ID and you will be taken through the process and issued with a card instantly.

What e-zwich Services are there for me?

For instance, the holder of the smartcard can pay for goods and services, transfer or receive money, pay bills or withdraw money wherever there is a point of sale (POS) terminal or ATM. They can also earn interest on funds held in the savings wallet on the card.

Is the e-zwich platform Safe?

The e-zwich system is secure in a unique way, because it requires the holder of the smartcard to authorize the use of the card by using their fingerprint. This is unlike other electronic cards which require a Personal Identification Number (PIN).

How will e-zwich be used to pay National Service Allowances?

The system of paying allowances to e-zwich smartcard holders is supported by the e-zwich Payment Distribution System Software. This software facilitates the payment of allowances from one central point. Just like allowances it also facilitates payment of salaries, wages , pensions, loans and other incomes via the creation of 10-Digit Signature Codes linked to Unique Sequence Numbers (USNs) of recipient’s card (USN is found at the reverse side of each smartcard). This signature code is then loaded onto a smart card instantly at a POS or e-zwich ATM. Once the card is loaded, the cardholder can spend off the card in various ways, for instance, paying for a product or service, withdrawing cash or transferring money to another cardholder.

How does one receive his/her allowance on the e-zwich smartcard?

All national service personnel are required to obtain NSS e-zwich card from any financial institution of their choice and submit their card details to the secretariat, i.e. their smart card’s Unique Sequence Number (USN) which is found at the bottom section on the reverse side of their card. The National Service Head Office will effect payments using the NSS e-zwich Payment Distribution Software. The system will then encrypt the allowance amount together with the recipients’ USNs into a 10 digit Signature Code, which can only be loaded onto the specific card whose USN the payment was made to. These codes can be loaded automatically (online) at any available e-zwich Point of Sale (POS) terminal or ATM across the country.

Does one have to load 100% of the allowance onto the e-zwich smart card?

National service personnel can receive the full (100%) allowance amount on their smart card or opt for a split between their card and their traditional bank account if they have one. (This option is possible only when you have a bank account at the same bank that issued you the smartcard. You must indicate your preference to split your allowance amount at registration and this can be changed at anytime at any branch of the Bank where you obtained your card)

What are steps to loading your allowance onto your e-zwich Smart Card?

1.Go to any e-zwich Point of Sale Terminal at a Shop, Bank or Savings and Loans Company with your card. Politely request that your funds be loaded onto your smartcard.
2.Your card will be inserted in the POS terminal and the following menu buttons punched on the POS Terminal.2- Client 1- Transactions 1- Cardholder 6(merchant POS) 5(Tellers POS)-Load funds 2- Online Load……The POS Terminal will ask you to verify with your finger print.
3.Wait till it connects to the NSS e-zwich system to download your money.
4.A receipt will be printed for you showing details of your transaction. Now, you can cash the money if you wish, at any e-zwich offering bank branch or savings and loans company. Look out for the e-zwich sticker.

How do I load my allowance on the NSS e-zwich ATM?

Walk to any e-zwich ATM. Don’t insert your card immediately.
1. Press any screen function key. (Not the keypad) You may need to do this twice. Three screen menus appear.
2. Press the screen function key close to the “Smart Card Transactions” Menu. The ATM screen prompts you to insert your smart card. You can now insert your card with the chip side facing upwards. Your name is displayed.
3. Press the screen function key close to your name. A list of NSS e-zwich transactions appear.
4. Press the screen function key close to “Load Funds” (4th Menu on left side of screen). Your name appears again with two hands showing on the screen. Place your finger on the Scanner (Lights up red) to authorize the transaction. Two loading options appear.
5. Press the screen function key close to “Online Auto Load” The ATM goes online to download your money. Wait. A receipt is generated for you, showing details of your transaction. The screen returns to the list of e-zwich transactions.
6. You can press the screen function key close to the 4th Menu on the right, (“Return Card”) to eject your card, if you have no other transactions to perform.

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