NSS Extension Application Form 2023/2024

NSS Extension Application Form 2023/2024

NSS Extension Application Form 2023/2024. NSS Extension Application 2023/2024…NSS Extension Registration Form 2023/2024

The law requires that the youth who graduated from accredited tertiary institutions join for NSS for a year. The youth help in service of the nation from which it is then easier to access jobs and employment. The work which is more of voluntary bags with it an immense amount of skill sharpening often runs for. That said, how do you apply for this extension programme?

NSS extension is the service that entails post-graduate students working in different areas all over Ghana in areas posted to them by the Secretariat. Since the students are required by law to join the service, it has rules and guidelines, posting more than 50000 students annually. The servicemen usually have to apply. But how?

NSS Extension Application

For those who wish to join the service, here is a simple way to apply for the service.

  1. The pin which must first be obtained is done via the NSS pin code menu. You then fill in your School index no or your school id number. You will have retrieved your pin code.
  2. To then register, go to any nearby Agricultural Development Bank(ADB) and pay your registration fee of about 40 Cedis.
  3. On the NSS website, go to application tab and click on ENROLL.
  4. On the page, use your standard picture, passport (less than 1MB)
  5. After filling every space accurately, click SUBMIT.

After the process, you will get your NSS number that you will use to access your postings. It is of caution that this number should not be confused or interchanged with the index number during the checking of postings.

For the NSS extension posting checking then applicants have to visit the NSS website (www.nss.gov.gh). Go to the DEPLOYMENT tab and click on CHECK POSTING. You will then enter your NSS number.Here,the posting information will appear on your screen where you will have to print into hard copy(a requirement too).

Details of NSS Extension Application Form 2023/2024

The postings for the new year have already been released.Astonishing,is that they have been done entirely in a new technology, different from its predecessors. The postings can now be easily accessed simply by dialing the shortcode *714*77# across all major networks. A total of 91,871 personnel have already been deployed. Having deployed 76809(84.70%) to the public sector and 14963(16.30%) to the private sector, the acting Director observes with delight the success of the project. He also says that he is happy with the early turnout and deployment to the agricultural sector.

NSS Extension Application Form 2023/2024. NSS Extension Application 2023/2024…NSS Extension Application Form 2023/2024

The NSS Extension Application Forms for enrollment and registration can be got from the NSS website. The management advises that personnel access and submit them early so that posting can be done to beat the national annual goals. It also advises that any personnel do that quick to avoid being locked out of the 2022 posting calendar.

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