NSS Extension Posting Checking 2023/2024

NSS Extension Posting Checking 2023/2024

NSS Extension Posting Checking 2023/2024. See How to Check your NSS Extension Posting

The NSS extension 2022 posting checking can now be done easily on the online platform. The process is faster and very much efficient. Nevertheless, you will be required to follow the following guidelines to get your posting status;

  • Visit the National Service Posting via http://posting.nssghana.org
  • Enter your NSS number (Example: NSSGCC100105) in the stipulated box.
  • Finally, click on the submit button then wait for only a couple of seconds for the pop-up window to reveal your posting information.

Well, ideally you are required to print two copies of the posting information in case you have received it-then take them to the regional office. A copy is left behind at the regional offices as the other one is sent to the regional director. This is the final step in getting approval for an assignment.

The process is usually simple but in the event where you have an issue, you are encouraged to visit the NSS offices near you or better still you can reach them via their contacts or official NSS website.

The exercise runs for one year after which the service personnel is issued with a certificate of merit from the National Service. Anyway, this comes after their assessment forms have been commented and signed by them as well as their employers and submitted to the Regional Coordinator by the end of May of every year.

The advantages and contributions of this initiative have been visibly noted across the country. Even though there are still some contemporary issues that need to be ironed out, there is an immense impact both on the economy as well as social welfare attributed to this organization.

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