60 thoughts on “NSS Portal Login Dashboard 2023: https://portal.nss.gov.gh”

  1. Please,I can’t have access to my dashboard.the password I always used to log in this time around when I log in they say invalid password.please I need help

  2. Mohammed Ibrahim

    pls I can’t access my dashboard, I have tried every means , I have checked my password well, I have log in using computer but still. But I didn’t change my password.I want to log in to change it but invalid password.

    1. Please my name is Musah Yahaya from Nkoranza south municipal in the Bono East Region , please i have not been paid for the September alawas and i don’t personnel know where the problem is coming from. please help me out am starving !!!

  3. Richard Nkrumah Buabeng

    Please i have lost my password and the system directed me to use the email I used during registration I have done that on several occasions but I don’t recover the password. Please need help.

  4. Samuel Agbeko Kumordzi

    Having difficulties in accessing my dashboard after NSS registration(i.e invalid username as feedback after sign-in)…need your help please.

    1. Please having difficulties in accessing my dashboard after my nss registration (I.e invalid username as a feedback after sign in)..
      Need your help please.

    2. Mantey wisdom

      I can’t access my dashboard because can’t remember my email and have been to the office twice buh still and can’t access my posting am stranded please help

  5. Sandra Gyampoh

    Please I forgot my password and can’t access my dashboard. Can you please send me a one time password or help me reset a new password.

  6. Margaretta Jantuah

    Please have lost my password to access my dashboard can you help me.. I’m trying to reset it but they are asking for the old password which I don’t have.want to print my enrollment summary page.. please help me

  7. Rachel Afarega

    Pls I cannot login to my portal.
    And I cannot access the One Time password sent to my phone.

    Pls I need help

  8. Theophilus Nkrumah

    My name is Theophilus Nkrumah, I forgot my old password and nss gave me new password to open my dashboard but when I enter the password it doesn’t send me to my dashboard but rather send me to Ghana national service scheme portal, can u help me to go to my personal dashboard to see my posting please.

  9. Addo Manyra Sheila

    Please I can’t login in to my dashboard, always saying my password is invalid. please help me as soon as possible. Thank you

  10. Henrietta Nnipaa Dei

    Please I can’t login with the new password on my personal dashboard
    Anytime I do it they tell me invalid password
    Please help me

  11. Ernestina Ayensu Haizel

    Ernestina Ayensu Haizel
    My NSS Number: NSSGBU4129219
    Please the e-mail that I used to do the registration I made a mistake and because of that am finding it difficult to get access to the dashboard.

    Please this is the correct e-mail address: haizelernestina@yahoo.com please can you make the changes for me.
    Please help me.

  12. Please when l log in on the dashboard nothing shows and it write incorrect password.
    Of which l requested for a new password but it’s still not working

  13. Adam Sam-aan Swallah

    Hello please I cant access my dashboard due to wrong password, so please can you help me retrieve it back to get the new one QPGFSD7365419 is my pin code. thank you

  14. Gyapong Emmanuel

    Please I am Emmanuel gyapong I have finished registration but still my post is not yet come please help me wai this is my phone number 0549216718

  15. Dzagble Alberta Dameakie

    I am a personal and need to access my dashboard to print out my annual assessment form but to no avail.Kindly sort that out for mw

  16. Osei Afia Irene

    I can not assess my dashboard because the system says my credentials are invalid but i’ve checked severally to fix it but to no result

  17. please I have forgotten my password and when I click on ‘forgot password ‘ and fill every information provided, they said they will post it in my e-mail but when I check my email account, there is no information. Please kindly help me.

  18. Gbogbi kwame Happy

    please am Happy kwame Gbogbi
    am told my email address is invalid please.
    can you please send me the one i used to register for the NSS. Thanks

  19. Gbogbi kwame Happy

    please am Happy kwame Gbogbi
    i can’t accesses my email address
    can you please send it to me. Thanks

  20. Please mine monthly evaluation form has not come yet meanwhile most of mine colleuge own had come,with due respect alart me if I will not received the allowance so that can prepare for the month

  21. Please my name is Musah Yahaya in Nkoranza south municipality in the Bono East Region of Ghana . please all my colleague’s have received their September alawas in the municipality except me , please help me out so that i can be paid immedietly, my e-zwich has been approved but i don’t actually know why the problem is coming from, please, please!!!!

  22. Sandra Obiri Yeboah

    Pls my date of birth used by my school which l used to get my pincode is different from the one on my identification cards.How do l correct that,pls help me.

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