Opportunity International Loans Services

Opportunity International Loans Services

Agric Micro and SME Loans:

Micro, small and medium scale finance for farming and Agric related businesses such as irrigation, agro – marketing and processing, Agric equipment and transportation.

School Fees Loans:

Loans for payment of ward’s school fees and related expenses. Clients in 5th cycle and above do not need guarantor(s) if the amount is not more than GH¢1000.00

School Improvement Loans:

Short and medium term finance for private schools.

  • Maximum repayment period of 36 months

Adehye Group Loans:

Loans for loyal group loan  clients in   4th  cycle  and beyond who want to maintain their group.

Susu Loan:

Loans for susu deposit clients after a required period of contribution.

Church Loans:

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