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Premier Nurses’ Training College Admissions Forms 2023/2024

Premier Nurses’ Training College Conditions of Admissions

  1. Tuition fees must be paid in full before the start of the course.
  2. Fees once paid are not refundable.
  3. All changes in address must be immediately notified in writing to the Principal.
  4. PNTC reserves the right to inform a student’s sponsor(s) of the academic or attendance performance of the student.
  5. The tuition fees do not include examination fees or registration fees.There is however, no examination fees for internally organised examination by PNTC as these will be part of the continuous assessment.
  6. Student who arrive late for the course must nevertheless pay full fees for the course.
  7. Course manual is available on request at the administration. Discipline manual is given to each student course.
  8. In the event of closure of the college through an Act of God, War or Political or Industrial unrest that may cause the termination of class schedules,PNTC will ensure that students be provided an extra Tuition considered necessary to prepare them for Examination as soon as possible
  9. PNTC will not accept responsible for any money or mail sent to student who us PNTC as an Accommodation address for mail that they may receive.
  10. False information on the application form may render student liable to expulsion.
  11. While PNTC ensures that course information materials provided is correct, PNTC will not be liable for any changes in the course, syllabus regulations or exemptions made by any examination body.
  12. PNTC reserves the right to terminate (without refund) its provision of tuition to students who are continuously absent without satisfactory reason.
  13. While student’s file is generally treated as confidential, PNTC will not be liable for any information internationally or unintentionally provided to or obtained by any third party.

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