Preparing to Jailbreak (How To Join  Jailbreak PS3)

Preparing to Jailbreak (How To Join  Jailbreak PS3)

  1. Download the jailbreak file. The file will take a while to download, so feel free to proceed with preparing while your file downloads. To download the file:
    • Go to in your browser.
    • Check the “Done” box and click Submit
    • Click the download link below the “REX” heading.
    • Click SKIP THIS AD in the top-right side of the page.
    • Click the green DOWNLOAD button.
  2. Format a USB flash drive to FAT32. Do so by choosing “FAT32” in the “Format” drop-down menu during the formatting process. This will ensure that the flash drive can be used to update your PS3 later.
    • The flash drive must be at least one gigabyte in size.
Check your PS3’s firmware version. You need to be running version 3.55 to install the jailbreak listed here. To see which version your PS3 is using, select Settings on the main menu, select System Settings, select System Information, and note the number next to the “Current Firmware” heading.
  • If your PS3 is running 3.55 or below, you’re good to go.
  • If your PS3 is running a software version above 3.55, you’ll need to install a hardware flasher in the PS3. The console has to be disassembled and reassembled for systems with version above 3.55.

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