Regional Maritime University School Of Business Programmes

Regional Maritime University School Of Business Programmes


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The programme is run in collaboration with Shanghai Maritime University [SMU], China.

 Global trends in industrial production, trade and transport has created the need for specialist training of manpower to fill important gaps that have emerged in logistics and supply chains e.g. warehousing/distribution, shipping and indeed total transport management documentation and etc.

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 The general objective is to educate and train supervisory/ middle level managers/operatives to handle the various activities in both domestic and international supply chains.

 What is covered?

  • Transport Economics;
  • Transport Insurance;
  • Logistics System Planning & Design;
  • Storage and Distribution Management; 
  • Logistics System Simulation; 
  • Warehouse Practice and Research Methods. 


The programme offers comprehensive and liberal maritime education and training for entry into the world of commercial shipping and ancillary businesses. It provides a high level training that will promote and enhance efficiency in the administrative, managerial and operational skills of shore-based maritime personnel.


Master of Arts in Ports and Shipping Administration


Programme: Higher Diploma in Port and Shipping Management