Samba Money Transfer

Samba Money Transfer

SambaOnline Services

As a Samba customer, you have free and secure access to your Samba accounts online to manage your finances anytime and anywhere you have internet access.

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Stay on top of your account without a trip to the bank:

  • Monitor account activity: Check current balances, verify withdrawals, deposits, payments, and transactions
  • Transfer funds: It’s easy to transfer funds between your Samba accounts, to other Samba customers or to an account with any other bank in the Kingdom or overseas
  • Switch to eStatements: Get the convenience of having your banking statements available at your fingertips whenever you need them.
  • Pay bills and payments: Pay utility and other SADAD bills from your checking account or credit card. Make payments for government services. All within minutes.
  • Request services and make updates: Order checkbooks, stop check payments, issue standing instructions, define beneficiaries for transfers, report lost/stolen ATM card, request for IBAN, change frequency of paper statements, check foreign exchange rates, update account information, change your password.

Manage your Credit Cards and Personal Finance:

  • Pay Your Credit Card Dues: Pay your credit card dues and settle your bill instantly.
  • Cash Advance: Advance available funds from your credit card and get it instantly credited to your account.
  • Up-to-date account information at your fingertips: View your e-statement and credit card history, balances, transaction details. Check outstanding authorizations, loan amount, dues.
  • Request services: Authorize Tawaroq for Islamic cards, Register your card for Secure e-shopping.

Manage your wealth:

  • Book a Time Deposit: Check interest rates and book deposits online
  • IPO Services: Subscribe to a new IPO. Enquire about subscription status and share allocation. Trade/Transfer IPO Shares.
  • SambaConnect: SambaConnect is a new state-of-the-art online payment system that provides a secure way for merchants to accept payments from online buyers on their websites or portals. You now have a wide range of payment options available when you shop online. Choose between paying with credit cards (Visa or MasterCard), from your Samba Account, from any other bank account in Saudi Arabia (by direct debit)*, or SambaConnect Account. **

* Direct debits from non-Samba accounts take 72 hours and require a one-time setup. For details on setting up a direct debit account, please contact us.

Samba Message Center

  • Communicate a request, complaint or suggestion through Sambaonline secure message center.
  • Receive responses, alerts and other announcements from Samba

Mobile Banking and Alerts:

  • Enroll for mobile banking: Register for sambamobile, download sambamobile apps for your iPhone or Blackberry or regular mobile phone. Conduct all you’re banking from just about anywhere your mobile carrier provides service.
  • Stay informed about your accounts: Receive, timely alerts about your account transactions (banking, credit cards, personal finance) and certain events sent directly to your personal email, wireless device or Samba Message Center
  • Banking on the go with SMS Banking: Register for our two-way SMS banking service to make credit card payments, check your Account Balance, and amount due on your Credit Card and due date, Personal Finance installments and outstanding amount.
  • Ishaar SMS Services: Subscribe to Ishaar and access services from various government departments

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