SBJ Properties Services – Mortgage

SBJ Properties Services – Mortgage

How to Buy an SBJ Properties Home

  1. Come and visit our site (optional)
  2. Receive an Offer Letter from SBJ Properties, indicating general terms and conditions as well as price. Then Sign Contract of Sale
  3. Make Payment as follows:
    Self Financing:
    80% of the Sale price as initial deposit at the execution of this agreement (Since we are doing the finishing touches to the house).
    20% of the cost price on completion
    Mortgage Financing:
    Payment of minimum deposit as indicated by mortgage financier
    Final payment by mortgage financier before completion and handing over


Mortgage Providers:

Ghana Home loans

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HFC Bank

Fidelity Bank

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Other Mortgage Companies

Self Financing

Standard Terms:

For the completed home, 100% payment is required.

For already roofed homes, down payment of 80% of the value of the house is required and final 20% at completion.

For starter houses, down payment of 40% of the value of the house is required at start, 40% at roofing level and 20% at completion.

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