Sigue Money Transfer

Sigue Money Transfer is a money transfer system for individual non-commercial money transfers that allows customers to send and receive funds without opening bank accounts.

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To make a transfer
  • Present a personal identification document
  • Specify the country and the first and last names of the recipient

To receive a transfer

  • Present a personal identification document and the transfer code


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  • The recipient receives the full amount and doesn’t pay a commission fee while receiving it.
  • The transfer tariff depends on the amount of transferred funds and can comprise from 1.9%-3.2%. Minimum amount of the commission fee comprises 3 USD/Euro.
  • The commission fee for the transfers from RA is paid in AMD by the sender.

Other terms and conditions

  • Transfer amounts can be claimed 5-10 minutes after the transfer
  • Maximum allowed amount for one transfer comprises 5000 USD/Euro


CIS countries, as well as Austria, Belgium, Israel, china, Sweden etc

Corrections and cancellations

  • Changes in transfer details and cancellations of transfers are free of charge, by written request of the sender
  • Transfers are not subject to cancellation if the transfer amount has been claimed by the recipient, and the recipient refuses to return the funds
  • Corrections of errors in transfer details and cancellations of transfers are performed at the discretion of the transferring and receiving banks and within time limits set thereby
  • In case of cancellation of transfer, the sender receives the full amount of the transfer without applicable fees
  • The Bank assumes no responsibility for the return of transfer amounts if they have been claimed by and paid to the recipient
  • Please consult for service locations, tariffs and other terms and conditions
  • The Bank performs the acceptance of the transferrable amount, as well as payment of the received amount to the customer in the currency of transfer, as well as, if required, in other currency with conversion
  • The Bank bears no responsibility for the consequences, resulting from the provision of the transfer code or scan of the document by the customer to the third parties

The Bank is required to provide written proof of transfer, which must contain the amount and currency of the transfer, fees and other details.

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