Sinapi Aba Savings and Loans Types

Sinapi Aba Savings and Loans Types

Group Loan (Trust Bank and Cluster Group Loans)
Group Loan is a convenient, simple and reliable loan product that gives the low income entrepreneurs access to working capital funds and financial support in groups of 4-10 membership. No collateral is required. Group members enjoy door step delivery services and group support. Clients are transformed through business advisory services, training, etc.

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Micro Enterprise Loan (Individual Loan)
This loan product is a straight forward, flexible and dependable working capital loan for individuals, small and micro entrepreneurs who are capable of obtaining the loan independently. This product is to aid small and micro entrepreneurs grow their businesses steadily and progressively.

Sinapi Festive Loan
Clients of Sinapi Aba can receive additional and special loans during festive seasons with its Festive Loan product. It helps clients who might still be servicing existing loan to receive additional funding to purchase additional goods to sell during the festive and peak times.

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Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Loan
SME is a product for small entrepreneurs who are steadily growing their businesses and need substantial financial support to further expand their businesses. This product is simple, flexible, convenient and easy access to meet entrepreneurs’ needs.

Sinapi Business Asset Loan
Sinapi Business Asset Loan is a reliable and flexible loan product that gives small and micro entrepreneurs the opportunity to acquire business assets to promote the efficiency of their business operations. This enhances clients’ productivity.

Sinapi Agro-Loan
Sinapi Agricultural loan is a simple and reliable tailor-made value chain lending to agricultural actors (farmers, aggregators, input dealers, processors, etc). This loan facility is to help actors in this sector gain easy access to loan in support of their agri-businesses. The tailored product is designed to overcome the challenges in the agric sector and also help transform Ghana’s agric sector.

Micro School Loan
Micro-school loan is a special product which supports micro and less developed schools to increase enrolment and also provide quality learning and teaching environment for pupils. Capacity building programs are held for teachers and proprietors.

Sinapi Education Loan
Sinapi Education loan gives the peace of mind and stress free life in settling children’s school fees obligation and other educational costs. It is simple and reliable loan product with flexible repayment terms that helps clients to give better education to their children.

Sinapi Salary Loan
Sinapi Salary loan is specifically designed for salary workers in public and private institutions to help meet their financial contingencies. It is easy to access and also stress free in terms of repayment.

Efipa (Microhousing) Loan
Sinapi is using this opportunity to improve, refurbish and complete your house making it the Home you rightly deserve. This product is simple, flexible, convenient and easy to access to meet your home improvement needs. You can access Sinapi Efipa Loan in any of our Branches nationwide.
This loan can be accessed by individuals who are
•    small and micro-entrepreneurs, business men and women
•    Salaried workers who operate additional businesses

Sinapi Ahoteɛ loan
The Sinapi Ahoteɛ loan offers clients the opportunity to improve the quantity and/or quality of water and sanitation in their respective homes or for commercial purposes. Individuals, groups, churches, etc can access the product to construct or rehabilitate household latrines/toilets, drill boreholes, wells, connection/extension of household piped water etc. It is affordable and has flexible terms of repayment.

Sinapi Auto Loan
Sinapi Auto Loan is a dream comes true for persons who dream of having their own vehicles! Sinapi uses this opportunity to enable individuals to purchase vehicles to improve their businesses. The loan is flexible and available in all Sinapi Aba Branches.

Sinapi  Susu Loan
This is an easy and convenient savings that enable you to secure a loan from Sinapi Aba. This opportunity is open to both new and existing customers. The product enables customers to make deposits with the intent of getting a loan to support and grow an existing business. It is a safe, easy and convenient way to secure your loan.

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