SSNIT Recruitment Ghana

SSNIT Recruitment Ghana 2022

SSNIT Ghana recruitment 2022: requirements and application details

Would you like to join SSNIT? It’s an agency of the government of Ghana that holds major stock in companies and this makes it an important part of Ghana economy. Based on their website, SSNIT recruitment has registered over 1,307,882 million members since August 2017 and 184,761 pensioners who regularly receive their monthly pensions.

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The reason why recruitment at SSNIT is very important to both Ghana and Non-Ghanaian members is that it helps to replace part of lost income of workers in the country and also process and pay benefits to eligible members and nominated dependents. However, the board of directors are optimistic that in The Social Security and National Insurance Trust recruitment 2022, they will register employers and workers, collect contributions, manage records on members and Invest the funds of the Scheme.

Once you fill the online form, there are certain mandatory requirements. For you to apply for SSNIT one needs to meet the following requirements,

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National Identification Card or a Passport, this applies to both Ghanians and Non-Ghanaians, Voters ID, Drivers License, Employer/Employee ID, or National health insurance.

SSNIT application forms

For one to apply for SSNIT form go to ssnit Ghana recruitment website or go to the nearest Branch of your choice. They will be able to provide you with a Pension Application Form for completion and also, advised on how to collect your monthly pension at your bank.

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